Syrian Refugees in Turkey

The number of Syrian refugees crossing the border to Turkey continues to mount as the uprsing in Syria drags on. The crisis is taking a heavy toll in both countries.

No Return to Syria

Syria's civil war leaves refugees with indelible scars that close the door to returning until a new Syria emerges. Cengiz Abdullah has fled Syria carrying memories of the war in his cellphone.

Syrians Stream Across the Turkish Border

Syrian refugees pour into Turkey in desperate need of housing and medical care. Across the region, the need for support for the refugees has grown, but few have answered the call for help.

Syrians Protest Crony Capitalism

Rami Makhlouf is the owner of the successful cell phone company Syriatel—and cousin of President Bashar al-Assad. That relation has made the businessman and his company the target of Syrian protesters.

Syria: "You Can't Believe The Violence"

After months of protests, many see a new Syria emerging. However, amid the escalating violence and economic hardship, much of the population is worried about the future.