Launched August 4, 2020 Erwan Hermawan
The construction of a mining road in Hutan Harapan is a conspiracy between Peter Sondakh, owner Rajawali Group and the government. Road construction causes deforestation.  
Launched July 29, 2020 James Finn, Sarah Warnock
The Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting captures the stories of people and places hit hardest by the nation’s worst pandemic in a century.
Launched July 28, 2020 Rosie Pioth, Berdy Pambou
This project will focus on Nkamou in Congo-Brazzaville's Pool Department as a case study of deforestation in this part of the country.
Launched July 28, 2020 Anita Pouchard Serra
Immigrant women from the Bajo Flores slum are at the lead of the resistance and fight against COVID-19 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Launched July 24, 2020 Emily Fishbein
A multifaceted look at jade mining in Kachin State, Myanmar, where despite longstanding calls for reform, July saw another deadly landslide in the weakly-regulated industry.   
Launched July 23, 2020 Kunsang Choden
Himalayan highlanders remain concerned despite the lack of reported cases of COVID-19.
Launched July 23, 2020 Abrahm Lustgarten, Meridith Kohut
Propublica and the New York Times magazine use a groundbreaking data model to explore the daunting implications of climate change for global migration.
Launched July 6, 2020 Melba Newsome
Charlotte ranks dead last among larger cities in terms of upward mobility. This project looks at COVID-19's disproportionate impact on the city's Black population in several areas.
Launched June 30, 2020 Anna-Catherine Brigida, Emily Kinskey
COVID-19 + the Trump Administration + an already broken asylum system = a total disaster.
Launched June 25, 2020 Vanessa Colón Almenas, Víctor L. Rodríguez
Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPI) investigated the ways COVID-19 affects Puerto Rican communities in the US.
Launched June 25, 2020 Alex Gary, Eric Berger
In partnership with local media organizations across Illinois, this project elevates the stories of “Prairie State” museums and their inherent community and economic value as they face the COVID crisis.
Launched June 25, 2020 Tom Laffay
Adiela, a Siona Indigenous leader, follows the spiritual guidance of her elders and clears landmines from her ancestral territory in the Colombian Amazon, in hope that her people may some day return.
Launched June 22, 2020 Lydia Chávez, Sindya Bhanoo
With the economy in crisis because of the pandemic, survival is a day-to-day struggle for millions of undocumented Americans and Latinx immigrants living below the poverty line.
Launched June 15, 2020 William H. Freivogel
The 1857 Project tells the story of race in St. Louis, Missouri, and Illinois. The 1857 Dred Scott decision denying blacks humanity and the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates were the prelude to Civil War.
Launched June 13, 2020 Kenneth R. Rosen
Italy, a country whose history is rife with pandemics and once the center of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Europe, offers harsh lessons in containment, testing, and economic salvation.
Launched June 8, 2020 Maria de los Angeles Ramírez, Fabiola Ferrero
This multi-media project focuses on the evolution of mining in Canaima National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Amazon, using geolocation to identify mining sites and environmental impact.
Launched June 5, 2020 Adi Renaldi
Indonesia has seen a significant increase of medical waste during the pandemic. However not many hospitals have proper medical waste treatment. So how do they get rid of tons of waste?
Launched June 5, 2020 Pooyan Tabatabaei, Yasaman Dehmiyani
"Walking on a Blade" exposes the invisible threats, the risks, and struggles of daily workers trying to survive amidst the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran.
Launched June 5, 2020 Gurvinder Singh
Land rights have always been a tricky issue in Bengal, and women are at the risk of losing their land rights because of illiteracy. However, technology has been helping them to maintain land ownership.
Launched June 3, 2020 Fredrick Mugira, Annika McGinnis
As the world tries to contain COVID-19 pandemic, how are already-vulnerable and water-scarce communities in Nile River basin containing the disease while ensuring local economies do not collapse?
Launched June 1, 2020 Lina Abou-Habib , Mohammad Aburumman
The project examines the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has on countries in the Middle East that were facing existential and often tragic realities, even before the virus imposed its own challenges.
Launched June 1, 2020 Sabrina Shankman
Sabrina Shankman reports on the growing fears of residents in South Portland, Maine, as they try to solve a mystery: Are the fumes manating from storage tanks of the nation's easternmost oil port harming their kids?
Launched May 29, 2020 Janet Tobias, Caleb Hellerman
In this two-part series, viewers are given an inside look at the heart-pounding race for a coronavirus vaccine, while a group of talented disease detectives unravel the secrets of this new disease.
Launched May 29, 2020 Chace Beech, Hayley Smith
The Los Angeles Times is profiling victims in California of the COVID-19 pandemic, both to memorialize them and better understand the virus.