Launched May 20, 2020 Ángel Alayón, Oscar Marcano
Venezuelans are facing a complex humanitarian crisis. According to the United Nations, the Latin American country is among those at highest risk to be overwhelmed by COVID-19.
Launched May 19, 2020 Brett Forrest, Brian Ryu
Victoria Isaacson, a 22-year-old wheelchair fencer, is trying to qualify for the Paralympics while overcoming the adversity of a degenerative disease, mounting debt, and a worldwide pandemic.
Launched May 18, 2020 Eric Adelson
In 2016, the number of unaccompanied homeless youth reached 100,000 for the first time ever, and experts suggest official numbers are much higher. With school out indefinitely during the coronavirus crisis, the race is on to find these "Hidden Homeless" and help them.
Launched May 14, 2020 Abir Kopty, Lama Rabah
An Arabic-language news podcast by Sowt Podcasting, focusing on COVID-19 in the Middle East and North Africa regions. Depending on the vowels, Almostajad is the name used for the coronavirus and also means ‘the latest.’
Launched May 14, 2020 Dustin Jones
Since leaving the service, Dustin Jones, USMC veteran and filmmaker, has lost more friends to suicide than he did in combat. Jones, a Columbia Journalism School Reporting Fellow, follows Marine veteran Bill Kirner as he struggles with PTSD and suicide.
Launched May 14, 2020 Paula Bronstein
Paula Bronstein's focus is Ukraine's vulnerable, fragile elderly population trapped by an endless war that sees their lives frozen by conflict, impoverished, living in dilapidated homes.
Launched May 12, 2020 Didier Makal
Redwood is in high demand in China and at risk of extinction.
Launched May 4, 2020 Mandy Locke, Gavin Off
From the mountains to the sea, an analysis of how North Carolinians struggle and survive as a virus tests the life blood of their communities.
Launched May 2, 2020 Musuk Nolte
Multimedia reportage focused on the most vulnerable communities in the city of Lima, facing the COVID-19 with limited or no access to water.
Launched April 29, 2020 Richard Weiss, Sylvester Brown
In 2010, life expectancy in neighborhoods just west of downtown St. Louis was just 67 years. That was pre-pandemic. Here's how the most vulnerable families struggle to survive today and day by day.
Launched April 27, 2020 Bram Ebus, Tom Laffay
Mercury, the toxic quicksilver that pumps through the veins of gold miners is a necessary evil to extract gold in the Amazon. In this series, we take you on a trip through the underworld of the trade.
Launched April 24, 2020 Emily Fishbein
COVID-19 has exacerbated vulnerabilities faced by refugees and displaced persons from Myanmar, who have also demonstrated resilience in their response.
Launched April 21, 2020 Febrianti
Siberut Island is a unique island of Mentawai Islands, in the western of Sumatera Island, Indonesia. Siberut Island is the home of four endemic primates. The Siberut forest is under threat from a 49,440 hectares timber consession, a company-owned 19,876 hectares forest plantation, and 2,600...
Launched April 20, 2020 Luke Mogelson
This project explores the history of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the consequences of the American withdrawl from Syria. 
Launched April 17, 2020 María Teresa Ronderos, Rigoberto Carvajal
Using public data and shoe-leather reporting, the Centinela team will probe Latin America’s preparedness to the coronavirus crisis.
Launched April 17, 2020 Lori Hinnant, Tim Sullivan
The AP's global network reports on how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting the world's poorest and most vulnerable people.
Launched April 15, 2020 Nihar Gokhale
Over 1.5 million people in central India live in the crossfire of a 50-year old land dispute between two government departments over who governs lands known as Orange Areas.
Launched April 14, 2020 Marien Nzikou-Massala
This project shows how the illegal exploitation of gold results in environmental destruction, forest cover loss, and water pollution in mining zones.
Launched April 10, 2020 Errin Haines, David Maialetti
Women and people of color are being disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus. The 19th and The Philadelphia Inquirer profile women as they confront this unprecedented challenge.
Launched April 3, 2020 Xyza Cruz Bacani
In the Philippines, frontline health workers are fighting against COVID-19 without protective gear, or health benefits.
Launched April 2, 2020 Kem Knapp Sawyer, Libby Moeller
How are the Pulitzer Center team and its Campus Consortium community responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? This is a space for all to reflect, report, and record our experiences. Contributions welcome!
Launched March 25, 2020 Neha D. Wadekar, Will Swanson
In northern Kenya, climate change threatens to reverse recent gains made in the fight against child marriage and female genital mutilation, but fierce advocates are fighting to stop the trend.
Launched March 25, 2020 Jon Cohen, Kai Kupferschmidt
Veteran public health journalists from Science magazine explore what science knows—and is learning—about the burgeoning pandemic.
Launched March 20, 2020 Yudhijit Bhattacharjee
A profile of Masood Azhar, the founder of the Jaish-e-Muhammed extremist group.