The Campus Consortium is a network of partnerships between the Pulitzer Center and colleges and universities to engage with students and faculty on the critical global issues of our time.

At its core, the initiative aims to connect journalism supported by the Pulitzer Center directly with campus communities. Deeply rooted in global reporting that expands student's knowledge of the world, our campus partnerships spark conversations across disciplines, inspire individuals to expand their horizons, and train the next generation of journalists. We accomplish these goals by organizing campus visits with Pulitzer Center-supported journalists who share their work and encourage students to examine and question the role of the media. We also offer reporting fellowship opportunities to students and graduates of our partner universities.

We are proud of our growing network of diverse partners: community colleges, state universities, liberal arts colleges, historically Black colleges and universities, journalism schools, and schools of public health. We coordinate with each campus on how best to launch our partnership and develop programming with the expertise of Pulitzer Center staff and journalists, faculty, and community leaders.

Campus Programs

The Center is eager to work with a range of academic departments on programming to foster broader discussions and more nuanced analysis of global reporting that span disciplines.

This interdisciplinary approach benefits from the Pulitzer Center's diverse focus areas from the environment and global health to human rights and artificial intelligence. Financial transparency, governance, and gender, racial, and social justice are important cross-cutting themes in the focus areas we cover.

Campus programming ranges from multi-day journalist visits and workshops (virtual and in-person) to for-credit seminars.

Reporting Fellowships

The Pulitzer Center awards grants to students at Campus Consortium partners for both global and local reporting projects on a wide range of critical focus areas. Each Reporting Fellow is mentored by the Pulitzer Center and a professional journalist who is a Pulitzer Center grantee. Final projects are featured on the Pulitzer Center website, with publication possible via other news-media outlets. Learn more about Reporting Fellowships here.

The annual Reporting Fellows weekend in Washington, D.C., further broadens the students’ horizons, exposing them to the work of their peers and providing opportunities to network with professionals in journalism and other fields.

Partnership Costs

Each partnership is tailored to the individual needs of the campus. Benefits of the partnership include programming for the campus community, fellowships, and other reporting opportunities. 

The average partnership cost is $12,000 to $15,000 per year. Cost for non-U.S. universities or special programs may be higher. At least $3,000 is reserved for the reporting fellowship with additional funds set aside for mentorship and editorial support.

We welcome donations to support university partnerships from alums and others.

The Campus Consortium program is supported by an advisory committee of Pulitzer Center grantees who are experts in their fields.

To learn more about how your college or university can join the Pulitzer Center’s growing Campus Consortium network, contact Ann Peters, University and Community Outreach Director, Mikaela Schmitt, Program Coordinator, or Ethan Widlansky, Program Coordinator at [email protected].