Our fundraising model—and our ability to provide grants to journalists like you—relies on a virtuous circle: Prominent credit in news outlets for our support of quality reporting allows us to raise money for even more ambitious reporting.

Therefore, any content produced in any format (print, digital, video, broadcast, podcast, exhibition, book, etc.) that arises from a Pulitzer Center grant must credit our partnership. The credit should appear up top on the first page/landing page for a print or digital story and should be delivered on-air in the host's introduction for broadcast stories, radio pieces, podcasts, and videos. For projects of significant scope, our logo may also be included. 


"This story/series was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center."


"This story/series was supported by the Pulitzer Center."


The Guardian

MIT Technology Review

Revista Anfibia

Media Indonesia

The Washington Post

Honolulu Civil Beat

PRX The World

National Geographic

Religion News Service

1843 Magazine (The Economist)