Launched November 16, 2020 Jacob Kushner
A Nobel Peace Prize winner, a refugee crisis, and the future of the Horn of Africa.
Launched November 12, 2020 Francesca Bentley
Navigating race relations in the U.S. is a challenging task, particularly for Black migrants and refugees. This project explores how Black migrants in Maine confront racism following their arrival.
Launched November 12, 2020 Bonnie Bertram
Anticipating a massive wave of evictions when the federal and state bans are lifted in January, housing activists are taking action.
Launched November 5, 2020 Rezza Aji Pratana
The construction of a hydropower mega-project in the Kayan River, North Kalimantan, has the potential to disrupt the ecosystem in the areas.
Launched November 4, 2020 MacKenzie Elmer
A binational, bilingual reporting project on the Tijuana Estuary, led by Voice of San Diego in partnership with Tijuana Press, delves into the decades-long issue of sewage and accountability.
Launched November 4, 2020 Joshua Kucera
Armenia and Azerbaijan are at war, and the consequences—humanitarian above all, but also political and international—are going to be profound.
Launched November 4, 2020 Natasha S. Alford
Amid Puerto Rico's political crisis, Black communities fight for justice against racism, systemic discrimination, police oppression, and economic disparities.
Launched November 3, 2020 Sukanya Shantha, Jahnavi Sen
This five-part series will capture the impact and experiences of incarceration in India — the extreme living conditions, lack of medical care and legal support, and violence within the system.
Launched November 3, 2020 Eliza Barclay, Lois Parshley
This project will use data-driven storytelling to interpret the impact of interventions like masking and projections of the future spread of Covid-19.
Launched November 2, 2020 Amelia Blakely
To clean up nearly 100 years of soil contamination a community must fight environmental racism.
Launched October 26, 2020 Elena Bruess
Medill alum Elena Bruess documents the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on a predominantly Latinx community on the Southwest side of Chicago through the lens of a community health center.
Launched October 26, 2020 Bob Smietana, Aysha Khan
After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, faith-based groups realized they were facing a double crisis: economic devastation and underlying changes in America’s religious landscape that were already chipping away at the faith community’s care for the needy.
Launched October 23, 2020 Alceu Luís Castilho, Leonardo Fuhrmann
An investigation of the spurious relations between local politics and environmental degradation in the Amazon rainforest.
Launched October 21, 2020 Carly Berlin, Katie Sikora
Residents of southwest Louisiana are all too familiar with life-altering storms. Now, they must navigate hurricane recovery during a pandemic.
Launched October 21, 2020 Ryan Delaney, Sarah Fenske
How did Germany reopen schools compared to the United States, and with cases ticking back up in Germany, will its early success and the United States’ troubled restart hold through the fall?
Launched October 12, 2020 Zoé Chevalier
Who was left behind in the recent Ramos vs. State of Louisiana Supreme Court decision?
Launched October 9, 2020 Simon Ostrovsky
As much of the world is paralyzed by the coronavirus, an active war has broken out with few people watching and fewer actors to reign it in. 
Launched October 7, 2020 Natasha Senjanovic
Shelters-in-place are a perfect storm for the most underreported crimes to spike and go undetected. Natasha Senjanovic examines COVID's consequences in one of America's deadliest states for women.
Launched October 5, 2020 Peter Klein, Christine Brandt
The Pulitzer Center is providing curricular resources for a unique collaborative investigation into the world's medical supply chains in the COVID era.
Launched October 2, 2020 Veronica Angelus Mapunda
Woodlands comprise almost 90% of Tanzania's forests. In Miombo, tobacco farming impacts these landscapes and nearby communities.
Launched October 1, 2020 Tim Sullivan, Wong Maye-E
The AP takes a road trip across the United States to talk to Americans as a nation disrupted grapples with COVID-19, an economic meltdown, protests for racial justice, and a turbulent election.
Launched October 1, 2020 Eduardo Goulart, Hyury Potter
This project tracks applications for mining concessions inside Indigenous lands in the Amazon in order to reveal the companies and people who want to develop these protected areas.
Launched September 29, 2020 Solange Tangamu Bongese
This project will investigate whether local communities understand the importance of peatlands and what they are doing to protect these resources.
Launched September 24, 2020 C. Zawadi Morris, Nigel Roberts
What is the virus crisis telling us about who we are as a society? The COVID-19 Writers Project will capture first-person narratives from the virus’s hotspot—New York City.