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Project April 16, 2024

Lam Dong Plans To Remove Hectares From Forest Master Plan



Lam Dong is currently one of the provinces with a high rate of forest cover in Vietnam (54.6%), with a total forested land area of 596,642 hectares, of which more than 76% is natural forest.

However, the forested areas are experiencing a gradual decline. Landslides, land subsidence, and flooding are becoming increasingly common.

Provinces in Vietnam are currently reviewing and adjusting a master plan for three types of forests. Many of them intend to remove tens of thousands of hectares for various reasons, including the need for land to develop local economic projects.

Our initial findings indicate that the decline in forested areas over the past 18 years in Lam Dong has mainly resulted from authorities' decisions to remove land requiring protection. In addition to the plan to remove nearly 59,000 hectares of forested land, Lam Dong has removed about 48,000 hectares.

This project investigates why Lam Dong is reducing its forested area. How does authorities justify removing such a large forested area from the master plan? What negative impacts does this have on the environment, ecosystems, and local people, especially the ethnic minority communities relying on forest resources for their livelihoods?


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