Syrians Protest Crony Capitalism

Rami Makhlouf is the owner of the successful cell phone company Syriatel—and cousin of President Bashar al-Assad. That relation has made the businessman and his company the target of Syrian protesters.

Syria: "You Can't Believe The Violence"

After months of protests, many see a new Syria emerging. However, amid the escalating violence and economic hardship, much of the population is worried about the future.

How Syria’s Uprising Impacts Ordinary People

Ordinary Syrians are feeling the impact of the country's political upheaval, declining economy and mounting international sanctions. Reese Erlich shares images that speak to their hardships.

Inside Syria

Journalist and author Reese Erlich talks about Libyan dictator Moamar Gaddafi's death and whether the Assad regime in Syria might be the next to fall.

Syrian Kurds Have Long Memories

To escape a government crackdown in 2004, thousands of Syrian Kurds fled across the border to Iraq. Many still live there today—a constant reminder of Syrian repression.

Syria: Daring the Authorities in Dara

After harsh crackdowns on demonstrators across the country, the Syrian regime claims it has regained control of the situation. But public displays of opposition are still evident, even in the schoolyard.

The Architect of 9/11

Daniel Brook's Pulitzer Center project on Mohamed Atta, "The Architect of 9/11," was featured in a segment on WBUR's "Here and Now" on Nov. 9.