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Pulitzer Center Update February 9, 2017

St. Louis Public Radio Reports from Nerinx Hall for Hadley, Albright Visit


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Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley discuss a new approach to the Middle East at the Atlantic Council. Image courtesy of Atlantic Council/Victoria Langton. Washington, D.C., 2016.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley...

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Stephen Hadley, Madeleine Albright, and Jon Sawyer at Nerinx Hall High School. Image by Kem Sawyer. St. Louis, 2017.

St. Louis Public Radio's KWMU reported on Madeleine Albright and Steve Hadley discussing their Middle East peace initiatives at Nerinx Hall with Pulitzer Center Executive Director Jon Sawyer Wednesday.

The event focused on the release of a new report on constructive steps forward in the Middle East by the Atlantic Council's Middle East Task Force co-chaired by Hadley and Albright. The Pulitzer Center co-hosted this event with the Atlantic Council.

During the discussion, Albright and Hadley spoke pointedly of President Trump's travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries.

"It has undermined a lot of our intelligence relationships that we need actually in order to deal with potential terrorists. It is like a gift to ISIS/Daesh because it's like a recruitment poster for them, and it's not humanitarian," Albright said.

Students at Nerinx Hall commented on the inspiration of seeing Hadley and Albright work together in the true spirit of bipartisanship.

"Lately, it seems as if the goal of bipartisanship in negotiations has lost some of its luster,'' Isabel Sherman, a junior, said for KWMU. "[This was] pretty inspiring."

Read the full story at the KWMU website.

This report also appears on KBIA.





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