What Happened to a Jewish Settlement in Gaza

Hamas government leases land to local farmers in the former Gush Katif settlement. Israel modifies policies, but Allaa El-Rafati, Gaza’s Minister of National Economy, says policies still hurt.

Israel: War in My Land

Arturo Perez, for the Pulitzer Center

Jerusalem is a complicated place.

Trying to sum up the story of this city or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in one 10-minute film, or even in this blog post, would be disingenuous and wrong. So let me just say - right off the bat - that this film isn't trying to do that.

Israel: War in My Land

Arturo follows two young people and has them tell their story to the camera. Through interviews you get an understanding of why others refuse to talk with members of different faiths, why they decided to take part in the interfaith communication and what their hopes are for the future.