Bangladesh: Water Service for Dhaka’s Slums

Solving Dhaka’s sanitation issue is simple. Steve Sapienza says the Bangladeshi capital needs only to provide slum residents clean water and worry less about the resources used to pay for it.

Gold Rush

Despite death threats and nine suspicious murders last year, the Afro-Colombians of La Toma refuse to hand over ancestral mining rights to multinational corporations.

Gadhafi's Legacy to Africa

The collapse of the Qaddafi regime delights many Libyans but holds the risk of ongoing instability for much of the rest of the region as mercenaries he recruited are deserting him and heading home.

Romania: Beekeeper Refuses to Leave His Hives

Remus Cenusa is one of the last 40 residents in a Romanian village who is refusing a resettlement offer from Rosia Montana Gold Corporation. The beekeeper wants to remain under the buzz of his bees.

Mali: Tuareg Nomads of the Sahara

Peter Gwin told PRI's The World that Tuaregs aren’t helping Muammar Qaddafi hide; only a few fought for the dictator against Libyan rebels, yet the fall of Qaddafi is forcing them to flee.

Who Won the Egyptian Revolution?

After the revolution Egyptians looked forward to the development of a democratic state, but many government-run institutions are still experiencing the repressive policies of the former regime.

What Afghans Think About the War

Afghans living in rural villages are unaware of many newsworthy events--like the death of Osama Bin Laden--because they do not have access to a television or computer.