Hard Times For Turkish Dissenters

With Turkey positioning itself for a greater voice in the region and with many viewing it as a model for the emerging democracies of the Arab Spring, its poor human rights record raises questions.

In Turkey, a New Life for Syrian Activist

He fought the Syrian government and the country's prejudice against gays. His life in danger on account of both battles, activist Mahmoud Hassino fled Syria. Where can he go now?

In and Out of Turkish Refugee Camps

Syrians, many who have been tortured, escape to Turkey. In crowded clinics they struggle to make room for one another. Meanwhile Syrian refugee lawyers compile an account of abuses.

No Return to Syria

Syria's civil war leaves refugees with indelible scars that close the door to returning until a new Syria emerges. Cengiz Abdullah has fled Syria carrying memories of the war in his cellphone.

Entering Kurdistan

The Habur Gate border crossing between Turkey and Iraq is a lifeline for Turkey's border towns and, for the Kurds who live in them, the gateway to a free Kurdistan.