Turkey: A Golden Future in Doubt

Istanbul is a modern metropolis of glass and steel skyscrapers, but the old Grand Bazaar still exerts a powerful pull on the city's imagination.

Istanbul: All That Glitters

In Istanbul's Grand Bazaar sales of gold coins and bars are up while the market for jewelry is shrinking. The decreased demand for fine craftsmanship has taken a toll on many family businesses.

Turkey: Days of Their Lives

Diyarbakır’s 1.5 million Kurdish residents are isolated from western Turkey; they are dismissed, vilified, feared. Now they are on TV.

Turkey's Museum of Shame

Diyarbakir prison, a site notorious both for its torture of Kurds and for laying the groundwork of the modern Kurdish resistance, will soon be turned into a museum--but not without controversy.

What Turkey Can Teach Egypt

Egypt’s elections have produced big gains for Islamist parties. Can Egypt's Islamists learn from their Turkish counterparts how to end military domination while keeping religion out of politics?