Jeanne Carstensen


Jeanne Carstensen is an independent journalist based in San Francisco. In 2015, she covered the mass arrival of refugees to Lesbos and other eastern Aegean islands and the smuggling operation in Turkey.  In 2016, she returned to Greece to report on the 60,000 refugees trapped in the country after the Balkan route closed.  She also reported from Germany, France and Hungary where she covered refugee integration. Her work on the refugee crisis has appeared in Foreign Policy, PRI's The World, The Nation, The Intercept, The Global Post, and other publications.

Jeanne was executive managing editor of The Bay Citizen, which produced the Bay Area pages of The New York Times. She has been an editor at Salon, and the Whole Earth Review and a producer at Radio for Peace International, a shortwave station in Costa Rica, where she lived for six years. She was a National Arts Journalism fellow at Columbia University and her work has appeared in The New York Times, Nautilus, Salon, Religion Dispatches, Al Jazeera America, Modern Farmer, The San Francisco Chronicle, KQED and other outlets.

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