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Resource February 9, 2016

Meet the Journalist: Christopher de Bellaigue


A graffiti-daubed house in the old walled city, in Diyarbakir, the main city in the Kurdish-majority southeast of Turkey. The graffiti says, 'you will see the strength of the Turk,' as well as exhortations to God, and was left by Turkish soldiers who recently fought running battles with Kurdish nationalists who had declared the walled city an autonomous zone. Image by Christopher de Bellaigue. Turkey, 2015.

Sellahattin Demirtas leads the HDP (the People's Democratic Party) the main Kurdish party in Turkish...

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Selahattin Demirtas is the leader of the HDP, the main Kurdish party in Turkish politics, operating as an undeclared civilian adjunct to the military PKK. Christophe de Bellaigue traveled to Turkey during the election campaign to follow Demirtas—and to explore whether his message of peace has legs as the Turkish state and his armed fellow Kurds gear up for further conflict.