The Traveling Mirror and a Fitting Goodbye

Pulitzer Center grantee Peter DiCampo, filmmaker Alicia Sully and Peace Corps volunteer leader Allison Terry traveled all over Ghana's northern region to education rural villages about the Kayayo.

Urban Migration Outreach Program

Filmmaker Alicia Sully, photographer Peter DiCampo, and Peace Corps Volunteer Leader Allison Terry engage rural communities in discussions on urban migration and HIV/AIDS.

Ghana's Kayayo: Making the Most of Poverty

The Kayayo women of Ghana struggle to find jobs in the southern cities of the country, migrating from the north every year to escape the center of a cycle of poverty.

Ghana: From Sodom and Gomorrah to Ink and Chalk

Alietu works as a Kayayo, waiting with other girls at a market entrance for buses to arrive, and then chasing after with the hope that the passengers will need their goods carried home or to a market.

A Wantugu Edit

The lives of Kayayo women living in the "Sodomandgomorrah" city in Ghana.

Northward Bound

Peter DiCampo visits the village where many Kayayo women move to the city of Accra from.