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Project May 17, 2023

Waste Pickers in Ghana Face Huge Health Risks



Across Ghana, waste picking is not just crucial for the circular economy, but it also represents an important force in the country's waste management.

However, waste pickers in the West African country face numerous health dangers due to their work. They are exposed to hazardous materials such as medical wastes, chemicals, sharp objects, and infectious waste. Experts say these hazards can lead to various health problems, including respiratory illnesses, skin infections, and other maladies.

Waste pickers often work without protective gear, and their low income means they cannot afford adequate health care. This lack of protection and access to health care exacerbates their health risks and creates a cycle of poverty.

This project takes listeners and readers to one of Ghana’s biggest landfill sites, the Kpone Landfill, and depicts the dangerous and life-threatening conditions in which waste pickers there operate.


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