Labor Rights

Climate change translates into economic change—and a changed landscape for workers and companies. The Pulitzer Center supports journalists documenting the risks for laborers and workplaces of all sorts and how communities respond. In film, across media platforms, and with long-form stories, Pulitzer Center-funded grantees have revealed how women are exploited in sugarcane fields, how fishermen move across seas in search of depleted stock, how food delivery workers suffer from heat, and how factory owners are revamping workplaces to alleviate heat stress. 

Pulitzer Center-supported journalists, increasingly sensitive to climate and labor risks, are encouraged to examine the potential for market upheaval related to climate issues. Grantees from India to Paraguay to Ghana, among other affected countries, have informed regional and local audiences about the threats. The Pulitzer Center continues to seek experienced reporters to pursue in-depth reports, and notably, cross-border projects that address labor and power imbalances tied to climate change.