Water System in Ghana's Capital Limps Along

In Accra, Ghana's capital, the water infrastructure falls far short of the population's needs, forcing many residents to scramble for water from illegal taps and roadside puddles.

Oil Jobs for All?

Ghana's oil industry and the promise of jobs seems premature. Despite thousands signing up for training courses, the jobs don't exist yet, as the 'downstream' part of the industry isn't developed.

Will Oil Mean Jobs?

Ghanaians assumed new employment opportunities would arise after oil was discovered off shore several years ago, but thousands are still waiting for jobs to materialize.

A local company recently held a graduation ceremony for 913 people trained in welding, pipefitting, electrical work and specialized construction. The graduates were participants in a new program intended to create a qualified labor pool for Ghana’s new oil industry. But officials say only 1,000 jobs will be created by 2020 and some of those jobs may not be given to Ghanaians.

Fish vs. Oil: Officials Respond to Fishermen

Fisherman in Ghana are angry: they feel the fledgling oil industry is severely disrupting their fishing activities. Moreover, government officials are reluctant to speak on the issue.

Fish vs. Oil Part 2

For the small village of Abuesiin Ghana, fishing plays an essential role in nearly every resident's life. But oil spills are threatening the village's very life source.

Fish vs. Oil Part 1: A Delicate Balance

In the western region of Ghana, oil drilling is disrupting the livelihoods of local fisherman, who believe the government is privileging oil development over their needs.