Mexico: Life and Death in the Northern Pass

Staggering crime rates and economic decline in Ciudad Juarez offer little prospect for young people with no jobs and no education. Many of them are turning to drug cartels for work.

Mexico's Changing Psyche

With at least 48,000 casualties in the last five years, the drug war in Mexico has resulted in widespread desensitization to the violence that permeates daily life.

The War Next Door

Pulitzer Center grantee Dominic Bracco II speaks with KERA News about the impact of Mexico's bloody drug war on those living in Ciudad Juarez.

The Cartel Next Door

The money that drug users spend in your community may be helping Mexican cartels pay their employees, bribe officials, buy weapons, and hire people to torture and kill rivals.

Mexico: Grenades and Gangsters

After we visited the chapel of Saint Death, (see previous blog post) we stopped to eat at a nearby restaurant.

Mexico: Chapel of the Most Sainted Death

We started our Sunday morning searching for a chapel where people worship Santa Muerte, or Saint Death. The Catholic Church is dominant in Mexico and doesn’t recognize this practice.

US Health Officials Worry About TB in Mexico

Tuberculosis, one of the world's deadliest diseases, has long been forgotten by most Americans, but it is re-emerging in a new, virulent form around the world.

Mexico: Segways and Cockfights

We’re working on a project that involves print and video, and my colleague Alan Spearman is looking for some dramatic images that we can use in the video.