Central African Republic

Kony's Children

The victims left behind in the Lord's Resistance Army's campaign of terror.

Kidnapped: Obo

In the Central African Republic, abduction by the Lord's Resistance Army, rape and pregnancy rob a girl of her childhood.

Places We Run To: Central African Republic

Lord's Resistance Army attacks have left many internally displaced in the Central African Republic. Pictured are some of the places they find shelter, leading lives sometimes as stressful as the lives of fear from which they fled.

Everything I Had I Left Behind: Ligoua

Forced to live in a tent just 25 km from his abandoned village in Central African Republic, this man and his family are among thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) pushed from their homes by Lord's Resistance Army attacks.

An Experiment in Building Peace

The UN Peacebuilding Commission provides "quick win" interventions in fragile states. But can it prove effective in Africa when confusion about the concept and infrastructure of peacebuilding remains?