Report from Bahrain

The uprising against monarchy grows more intense, while largely ignored by Western media. Real News Network's Paul Jay interviews journalist Reese Erlich about the situation on the ground.

Bahrain's Opposition Split Over Violence

Bahrain's Arab Spring started almost two years ago. Since the government outlawed the mainly peaceful demonstrations, younger protesters in particular are increasingly turning to violence.

Bahrain’s Changing Opposition

Frustrated by a lack of progress, a younger, more militant faction of Bahrain’s reform movement is threatening to take center stage.

Young Protesters Turn to Militant Tactics in Bahrain

Bahrain's strongest Islamist group, Al Wefaq, has consistently called for peaceful protests. But now it faces pressure from younger militants throwing Molotovs and advancing more radical demands.

Bahrain's Forgotten Uprising

While opposition activists in Bahrain have continued their protests for almost two years in mostly Shia neighborhoods, they are now back in the streets of central Manama.

Museum of Current Crises

This lesson plan outlines a project that allows students the opportunity to connect with a contemporary crisis somewhere in the world.