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Goals for the Arab Spring Mini Unit Summative Assessment:

1. BECOME experts on your area of the Arab Spring by reading/listening to/watching all of the resources listed below AND finding any other resources from your other classes or personal research that might be helpful


2.     CREATE a short Google Presentation that answers all the following questions about your specific country

* What are 2 long-term causes of the revolution?

* What are 2 short-term causes of the revolution?

* Which 2-3 Enlightenment values or ideas were the people fighting for? (E.g. What were/are people protesting?)

* How did the government respond?

* What are 2 effects or results of the revolution? Were they positive or negative?

* What is happening in your country today? Who is in charge? Will there be elections? If so, when?

* What are some differences and/or similarities with the French and/or Haitian Revolution? (Answers will vary based on your country).

* How successful (on a scale of 1-5) has your revolution been so far? Did they achieve their goals? Explain. 5 = They achieved their goals and the country is a peaceful, organized democratic system. 1 = The revolution created significantly more chaos and now is in a much worse place than they were before.

* How can you justify the widespread change of traditional values OR was the change worth it in the end? ​


3.     ORGANIZE your 20-minute lesson and prepare to present it to the class. Possible ideas to include in your Google presentation to make it interesting and engaging are:

- Short video clips (max 2:30) + questions for class to answer

- Political Cartoon + questions for class to answer (questions can be to draw an image, write a reaction or a reflection, determine symbolism)

- 1-2 open-ended discussion questions for class to answer (consider having students write answers before discussing)

- A song about a revolution that connects to your country (no more than 30 seconds - 1 minute) and follow up questions (questions can be to draw an image, write a reaction or a reflection, determine symbolism)

- A Facebook page that summarizes major ideas, concepts, or anything else creative you want to showcase

- Short review game at the end of class (no more than 5 minutes at the end to summarize presentation)


4. Prepare a note sheet for your classmates that includes the following:

+Any notes you took to prepare for your presentation

  1. Any resources you used for your presentation

  2. Staple to the back of this packet


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