China: The Showcase Wetlands

China's Xixi wetlands provide a popular tourist destination as well as a reminder that we are all downstream.

It's Impossible to Leave Iraq

He wakes up at five in the morning and washes away his deep-sea dreams, the hot water spilling off his balding crown, running down his goatee and his bulky paunch...

International Criminal Court charges Sudan's Omar Hassan al-Bashir with genocide

Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is charged with orchestrating genocide by the International Criminal Court.

The International Criminal Court's judges on Monday charged Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir with orchestrating a bloody campaign of genocide against Darfur's three main ethnic groups, the first time the Hague-based court has accused a sitting head of state of committing the most egregious international crime.

The Badlands of Kandahar: Counterinsurgency's Testing Ground

The Dand district center is a novelty in the badlands of Kandahar province. As the seat of both the top government official and U.S. forces based in the area, it's a seductive target for Taliban militants looking to make a statement.

China: Threatened Waters

When I first started to research the idea of reporting on wetlands in China, the initial thing that I noticed was that there were some rather shocking statistics associated with the issue.