Systems and Safety

A Booming Business: Gun Shops in the U.S.

At numerous local gun shops on the outskirts of Chicago, the industry meets the consumer. Every wish is fulfilled – from pistol to rifle. And no one seems to care if the weapons end up on the streets.

South Africa: Death for a Disability Grant

Receiving a disability grant in South Africa can be likened to winning the lottery. HIV positive residents who are poor may be forced to choose between their life and money to feed their families.

Mumbai: Learning from Failure

"Success stories” are rarely the whole story. Global health projects frequently go off course, and it’s not unusual for them to fail outright. What is unusual is for researchers to be open about it.

South Africa: Ntuthu's Choice to Bear Life

In South Africa, HIV positive women are not encouraged to have children. Ntuthu, who is HIV positive but wanted to have a baby, found the information she needed to give birth to a healthy child.