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Project September 8, 2023

A Shared Uncertainty: Migration Stories From Tunisia



The scenic overlook of Sidi Bou Said. Image by Audrey Thibert. Tunisia, 2023.

For many migrants from other African countries, Tunisia serves as the gateway from a difficult past to a future with potential. The north African nation is experiencing a surge in emigration and immigration attempts. Its proximity to Italy positions it as a main fulcrum for many migrants trying to reach Europe.

However, due to financial and legal barriers, these migrants have turned to dangerous methods of immigration. Also, racist, political rhetoric has led to abuses toward African migrants, garnering attention from advocacy groups, and many young Tunisians feel stuck and helpless in their own country.

Faced with instability, the future can feel daunting for migrants in Tunisia.

In this project, Pulitzer Center Reporting Fellow Audrey Thibert shares migrants' stories and explores the following questions: How does one find support in times of uncertainty? How do individual stories of isolation paint a bigger picture of distress? What structures reinforce this isolation?


teal halftone illustration of a family carrying luggage and walking


Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees