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The Pulitzer Center's Behind the Story series serves as a valuable resource about our grantees and their stories, offering insights into why these underreported topics are important and how the journalists reported them.

'Behind the Story' Videos

Behind the Story

The Death of the Pollinators

How does the mass murder of bees caused by the indiscriminate use of pesticides threaten the Amazon and Cerrado biomes?

Behind the Story

Iran's 2020 Parliamentary Elections

Grantee Reese Ehrlich on the impact of the Iran's 2020 elections as tensions build between Iran and the U.S.

Behind the Story

Cambodia Burning

Grantee Sean Gallagher discusses his work on deforestation and fires ravaging Cambodia

Behind the Story

Wisconsin Troops in Ukraine

Wisconsin National Guard members overseeing the training of Ukrainian armed forces proved reluctant characters in the impeachment case against Donald Trump

Behind the Story

Facial Recognition at the U.S. Border

Grantees Stephanie Beasley and Kathleen Flynn traveled to an Arizona border crossing with Mexico where the U.S. government conducted a months-long facial recognition pilot program

Behind the Story

Life After Jihad

What happens when a woman looking for companionship or love online instead finds jihad? Pulitzer Center grantee and 2014 Miel Fellow Ana P. Santos travels to Indonesia to find out.

Q&As with Pulitzer Center Grantees


Reporting on COVID-19 in the Mission District Through Art and Activism

Grantees Lydia Chávez and Molly Oleson on telling pandemic stories in San Francisco’s Mission District


Emily Baumgaertner on Lessons Learned from West Africa Ebola Fight

Former Pulitzer Center staffer and grantee Emily Baumgaertner discusses how the lessons of Sierra Leone’s Ebola fight


A Conversation with Maria Ressa at Double Exposure

Pulitzer Center Senior Editor Boyoung Lim spoke to journalist Maria Ressa about keeping her “eyes wide open” while facing government intimidation and online harassment


The Power of Local Reporting Partners in Myanmar

Grantee Emily Fishbein discusses the challenges behind reporting on Myanmar remotely during a pandemic.


Poverty and the Pandemic in Mississippi

Founder of the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting discusses COVID-19’s effect on impoverished areas of the state


Prodavinci Partners With El BusTV for Independent COVID-19 Coverage

Prodavinci has used scientific analysis, narrative journalism and now, hand-drawn posters to report on COVID-19 pandemic

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