South Africa

South Africa: A Day at Dora Nginza

Although South Africa legalized abortion 15 years ago, the volunteer midwives and health professionals who provide it at Dora Nginza, a state hospital in Port Elizabeth, are often scorned.

Tumahole Morning

Inspired by the World Cup, South Africans engage in local development initiatives.

Tiyani Resilience

In South Africa, the legacy of the 2010 World Cup will be written by young people - playing soccer while learning life skills and fighting disease.

Xenophobia by Any Other Name

By Monday, the morning after the World Cup final in South Africa, the tension that had been building for weeks had already broken.

Struggle Songs

A group of girls from the Musina rape survivors’ shelter are clustered in the courtyard, giggling and smiling in the soft late afternoon sunshine.

Along the Edges

It’s sometime past 8 a.m. on a Friday morning in Musina, a town about 11 miles from the Zimbabwean border, and we’re breakfasting with our fixer Godknows (or “Godknows the Entertainer,” as he sometimes prefers). Between bites of scrambled eggs and toast he tells us a joke:

Biotech in Africa: Titans Battle on the African Front (Part 4)

The bitter battle that seed giants Monsanto Co. and Pioneer Hi-Bred wage for the hearts and pocketbooks of farmers doesn't end in the United States. They're going at it in Africa, too.

The profit potential in Africa is limited. Production of corn, the two companies' signature food crop, is dominated in Africa by poor, smallholder farmers, who often till two or three acres at the most. There is little commercial-scale corn production outside of South Africa.

South Africa: Does Biotech Have a Future for Africa Farms?

I left Africa last night with a great deal of gratitude for the people who have shared their stories with me, especially the farmers. Never have I encountered such a wide variety of experiences, skills and backgrounds, but all of them were willing, even eager, to share their thoughts with an American journalist. They include:

Janet Kaindu, who had lost her second crop in a row of maize and beans on her plot in Kenya's Rift

South Africa: The Moth That Eats Corn Crops

Thought moths were a threat to your clothes? They can devastate corn crops, too, and do in eastern and southern Africa. I got my first look at busseola fusca on Friday after hearing about ever since I arrived in Africa to look at the challenges facing farmers here and the potential for biotechnology to increase food production.