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Project December 10, 2018

Dominion: Liberating South Africa's Land Ownership Data


Land and how it is controlled shapes everything from our food security and geopolitics to national identity. The scramble for control of high value land (and its attributes such as water and mineral wealth), in the face of escalating climate change and urbanisation, underpins much of Africa's fiercest conflicts and mass migrations. Dominion: South Africa is a project to inject data-driven evidence and analysis into public discourse and policy-setting across the continent. The Dominion portal will collate the best existing research on land ownership and usage, while also liberating and aggregating land data from government agencies, academia and civic watchdogs. We will transform this data into interactive visualisations powered by our HURUmap platform, for easier analysis and visualisation, alongside comparative demographic and socioeconomic data from Censuses and other sources. In partnership with media houses, Dominion informs a wealth of journalism around the complexities of land issues.


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Land Rights

Land Rights