Myanmar (Burma)

Burma: Behind Enemy Lines

A civil war grinds on in northern Burma's Kachin state despite political reforms in the capital. Here's part one of two dispatches from both sides of the conflict.

"In Search Of Home" E-book Live in iTunes

The Pulitzer Center is proud to announce the publication of its first iBook “In Search of Home," an exploration of statelessness in Kenya, Burma, and the Dominican Republic.

Burmese Migrants at Sea in Thailand

Labor recruiters or "brokers" help Burmese migrants cross the border into Thailand. Once here, migrants work long hours under harsh conditions to repay the brokers.

The First Rice

Patrick Kelly, for the Pulitzer Center

Mr. Nomin clears his throat to translate. "He says it is a biblical concept that the first crop must be given in this way. In Kachin culture we also have a traditional Thanksgiving." The pastor smiles politely, hands folded behind his back. "All year we plant everything we need so we bring our crops to church and praise God. Here we bring together our strength and what we have as a people. Traditionally in Kachin, we call it Nlung Nnan Sha Poi - the first rice festival."

KIO Calls for Discussion of Panglong Agreement

The Oct. 31 deadline for the ethnic cease-fire groups in Burma to disarm has passed quietly in the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) capital of Laiza.

Observers are focused now on the ongoing KIO-junta negotiations.
After the junta rejected all nine negotiation proposals submitted by the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), the KIO has changed its negotiation tactics.

A land the world forgot: A photojournalist sneaks into Myanmar to report on the Kachin freedom movement

The car came to an abrupt stop. "Get out," the driver said. My friend and partner in journalism Tim Patterson and I stumbled in the moonless night through an uneven, bulldozed field toward the sound of a river. When we reached the river, we crossed a creaky bamboo footbridge and scrambled up a loose-dirt hill to an older SUV with its lights off.

"Welcome to Free Kachin," our contact said, smiling broadly.Former KIO headquarters, high in the mountains near the Chinese border