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Story Publication logo August 1, 2015

Tencent China: Dying to Breathe


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China’s deadly mining accidents hit the international news headlines frequently. But the country's...


Photographer and Pulitzer Center grantee Sim Chi Yin has spent​ ​the past​ four years documenting He Quangui's life as he struggled with silicosis.

​When she started the project, she expected to tell the story of how silicosis effects a patient and his family​. But as she explained in a Lens Blog feature for The New York Times, she​ witnessed instead the love between He ​Quangui ​and his wif​e ​that sustained him for so long.​​ ​​Silicosis, a lung disease associated with mining, is the most common occupational disease in China, a country that produces the most gold in the world.

When Tencent, a major Chinese web portal, recently published He's story and Chi Yin's images, it helped raise 100,000 rmb (about $16,000) for his medical care.

Sadly, He died on Aug. 1, 2015.

Chi Yin's piece describing her work with the He family can be found here, written in Chinese.



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