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Story Publication logo August 2, 2015

Podcast: Sim Chi Yin on 'Dying to Breathe'


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China’s deadly mining accidents hit the international news headlines frequently. But the country's...

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Mi Shixiu helping her husband wash his hair. Image by Sim Chi Yin. China, 2015.
June 26, 2015

Episode 36 – Sim Chi Yin

In this podcast for Multimedia Week, Sharron Lovell speaks with Sim Chi Yin about crossing the lines between journalism and advocacy.

Chi Yin recently published her four year story following a Chinese gold miner suffering with the lung disease silicosis, caused by years of inhaling coal dust.

The work is published in both international and Chinese media, and does not just document the issue, but also has a concrete plan to create real impact by engaging with her audience and working with NGOs.Both Sharron and Chi Yin are Pulitzer Center grantees.


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