The Rainforest Investigations Network (RIN) seeks to harness investigative reporting and cross-border collaboration to tackle stories at the intersection of climate change, corruption, and governance in the world’s three main tropical rainforest regions: Amazon, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia.

Few stories are more urgent—and global—than the destruction of the planet’s tropical rainforests. The Pulitzer Center’s RIN seeks to create an ecosystem of collaboration among journalists to follow the money and the many illegal practices and legal loopholes that enable industrial-scale deforestation.

The Rainforest Investigations Network is a sister initiative of the Pulitzer Center’s Rainforest Journalism Fund. It is funded with the support of the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI).

If you are a journalist or editor interested in joining this network, please visit our RIN fellowship page for more information or email

2022 Rainforest Investigations Fellows

2021 Rainforest Investigations Fellows

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Call for Proposals Opens for New Group of Pulitzer Center’s Rainforest Investigations Fellows

The journalists will harness data, collaboration, and investigative reporting to tackle stories at the intersection of deforestation, corruption, and governance. The Rainforest Investigations Network is coordinated by award-winning Brazilian journalist Gustavo Faleiros.


Rainforest Investigations Network Announces Its First Cohort of Fellows

Thirteen journalists from 10 countries will spend a year working together on investigations.


What You Need to Know to Join the Rainforest Investigations Network

We have collected some of your most common questions (and our answers) in this guide to help you in the Rainforest Investigations Network application process.


Rainforest Investigations Network

Rainforest Investigations Network