Fabian Federl


Fabian Federl is a Franco-German freelance writer and foreign reporter for several European and North American magazines and newspapers.

He writes in German and English. His work has been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Taiwanese, and Korean.

His features and reporting are mostly, but not exclusively, from Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula, and France.

He has received the German-Portuguese Journalism Award and has been nominated for the German Reporter Award and the Theodor Wolff Prize.

Federl was also on the longlist for the Henri Nannen Prize. He has received scholarships from the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Franco-German Institute, the Reporters' Academy Berlin, and he is an alumnus of the International Journalists' Programmes.

Before becoming a writer, he studied linguistics and Latin American studies in Tübingen, Porto Alegre, and Berlin. He has lived and worked in Madrid, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro.

Currently, he is based in Berlin and Rio de Janeiro.

Fabian Federl Headshot