two people plowing snow
Joe De Dominici and one of his workers clear out a driveway in Greater Boston. Image by Kristen Chin. United States, 2020.

According to the Snow & Ice Management Association, nearly 80 percent of the 110,400 estimated snow and ice industry operators were sole proprietors in 2016. Of the operator’s average revenue, approximately 76 percent went to covering costs. Unlike large businesses, sole proprietors are at higher risk of being impacted by changing winter weather conditions.

Snow Money follows Joe, a 31-year-old father and sole proprietor who lives and works in Greater Boston and the surrounding areas. Seeking to establish his independence and provide for his family, Joe wants to save enough money to buy his first home. Intimate and authentic, this narrative short documents the impacts of more severe, unpredictable, and wetter winter weather on Joe and his journey.

This film intends to give a fresh perspective on a highly-covered topic that connects homeowners, city dwellers, and suburban residents to the real-world impacts of climate change on everyday people. Its creators hope that by doing so, Snow Money will inspire communities of all backgrounds to protect our environment and present and future generations.



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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change