Jenny Staletovich


Jenny Staletovich has been a journalist working in Florida for 30 years. She’s reported on some of the region’s major environment stories, including the 2018 devastating red tide and blue-green algae blooms, impacts from climate change, and Everglades restoration, the nation’s largest water restoration project. She’s also written about disappearing rare forests, invasive pythons, diseased coral, and a host of other critical issues around the state.

She covered the environment, climate change, and hurricanes for the Miami Herald and worked more than a decade at the Palm Beach Post. She has won several state and national awards including the Scripps Howard National Journalism Award for Distinguished Service to the First Amendment, the Green Eyeshades, and the Sunshine State Awards. Staletovich graduated from Smith College and lives in Miami with her husband and their three children.

A woman wearing a baseball cap and green button-down against a background of cliffs beside the ocean