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Story Publication logo December 29, 2023

'Bright Lit Place' Episode 4: 'Science on Trial'

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If the 20th century bent nature to human will, the 21st is about undoing the damage. This podcast...

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Birder Steve Buczynski heads out on his paddleboard from the Public Access Boat Ramp in Clewiston toward Lake Okeechobee. Image by Patrick Farrell.

Compromise has always been the currency of the comprehensive Everglades restoration plan, but with 9 million people living between the Everglades and the ocean, there's a limit to what nature can take. In this episode, we follow the saga of one scientist who resigned rather than put politics over science, and got dragged into court.

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  • Reported by Jenny Staletovich
  • Edited by Rowan Moore Gerety
  • Photography from Patrick Farrell
  • Sound Engineering & Original Music Composed by Merritt Jacob
  • Editing & Production by Jessica Bakeman
  • Web Design by Laura Kurtzberg and Kai Wilson



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