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Story Publication logo December 11, 2023

'Bright Lit Place' Episode 3: 'The Reverse Farm'

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If the 20th century bent nature to human will, the 21st is about undoing the damage. This podcast...

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Image by Patrick Farrell. United States, 2023.

There are two fundamental challenges in reconnecting the Everglades: moving the water where and when it's needed, and making sure it's clean. In this episode, the massive task of running "reverse farms" to protect a national park, and how taxpayers ended up footing the bill for Big Sugar's pollution.

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  • Reported by Jenny Staletovich
  • Edited by Rowan Moore Gerety
  • Photography from Patrick Farrell
  • Sound Engineering & Original Music Composed by Merritt Jacob
  • Editing & Production by Jessica Bakeman
  • Web Design by Laura Kurtzberg and Kai Wilson


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