Living on a Tropical Planet

Yadvinder Malhi, a leading biologist from Oxford University, says that tropical zones such as those in Peru are bearing the brunt of climate change.

Looking at Climate Change in the Peruvian Andes

Part V: In the final segment of Justin Catanoso's radio series on WFDD in North Carolina, he discusses his reporting with Wake Forest biologist Miles Silman and host Audrey Fannin.

Peru: Trees on the Move

Part II: Wake Forest tropical biologist Miles Silman was attracted to the rain forests of southern Peru to study forest mechanics. Global warming made him shift his focus.

A Look at Global Warming from the Peruvian Andes

Part I: In the first segment of a five-part radio series, reporter Justin Catanoso takes listeners into the jungle in Peru's Amazon basin to witness the impact of global warming in the tropics.

Peru: Voices from Lake Titicaca

Peruvians and Bolivians who depend on Lake Titicaca say pollution complicates their work and even puts their livelihoods at risk. This report traces water from Andean glaciers to the lake itself.