Mali: The War Grinds On

A journey by road, ferry, and military plane across northern Mali reveals the scars of the jihadist occupation—and signs of a still-smoldering conflict.

A Race Against Resistance

Several African nations could strike a major blow against malaria by sacrificing some older drugs. Can they make it work?

Postcards from Mali

Malaria is the leading cause of death in Mali, so I went to write about the disease. But outside of this tragic reality, there's also art, kindness and beauty like I’ve never witnessed before.

Mali: The New Terrorist Training Ground

The U.S. has long seen the Middle East and South Asia as the central battlegrounds in the war against Islamist militants. That's changing: the new face of terror is an African one.

Mali: I Hadn't Been Expecting Sheep

I got used to watching Bamako's scooters carry strange things as they weave through the city's dusty streets. What I hadn't seen, until Thursday, was a scooter with an upside-down sheep.