Questions for "Not God's Will: The Fixable Crisis of Traffic Fatalities"

  1. Why are road fatalities a poverty-inducing problem?
  2. When did lawmakers in developed countries start enforcing laws regarding drunk driving?
  3. What are three important steps to reduce road fatalities?
  4. Which Asian country is an "excellent role model" in hindering drunk driving and why?
  1. How many road fatalities did the United States have in the 1970s? How do these numbers compare to 2012?
  2. What is a flaw of the new drunk driving law in the Philippines?
  3. What time of year does Brazil usually see a spike in highway fatalities?

Questions for "Cold Ones and Cars Don't Mix in Cape Town"

  1. What company did Carly Smith work for?
  2. What percent of deaths in South Africa involve drunk driving?
  3. Why is the stretch of highway near Groote Schuur called "hospital bend"?

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Health Inequities