Peter Sawyer


Peter Sawyer was health projects director and now consults on health projects at the Pulitzer Center. He works to improve and extend the impact of the Center's reporting on health by developing partnerships with media outlets and universities, forming relationships with leading experts and advocacy organizations, and giving presentations of the Center's work to students and the public. He has reported for PBS NewsHour from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Liberia on government accountability for clean water access, and has spoken at dozens of schools and universities in the US and Europe. After five years with the Center, he now attends medical school at the University of Miami.
Peter graduated from Davidson College, majoring in economics. He previously worked as first mate on a schooner in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and as a volunteer firefighter. Peter's ambition is to live a life he'd like to tell stories about.
Email: psawyer [at]