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Pulitzer Center Update August 29, 2013

Family Choices: Fertility and Infertility Around the World

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The Pulitzer Center partnered with the PRI's The World to create a data visualization that complements their radio series on infertility and fertility in Africa. The work is part of the Pulitzer Center's data visualization initiative, which includes the recently launched Roads Kills map.

From The World site: Africa is a land of contrasts in family size. The continent has the highest fertility rate in the world, yet some nations also face extremely high rates of infertility. How are African governments, charities, and health workers giving couples more control over their reproduction? We look at efforts in three countries.

The map was produced by:
Dan McCarey, web developer at the Pulitzer Center
David Baron, health and science editor at PRI's The World
Peter Sawyer, health projects director at the Pulitzer Center