We are a global team of journalists, educators, and audience engagement specialists based in 14 countries, with regional hubs in the Congo Basin, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the United States. 

We are pioneering a global and regional approach that combines journalism, education, and outreach to build awareness, foster public engagement, and create change. We collaborate with media outlets, civil society organizations, and academic institutions around the globe to amplify the reach and impact of our journalism.

Meet the team that fuels our mission!


We direct the strategic vision of the organization and work with teams in each region to implement the Pulitzer Center’s mission.


Through grant and fellowship programs, we provide financial and editorial support, training, and collaboration networks for journalists to pursue in-depth, high-impact reporting projects. The Editorial team is led by Executive Editor Marina Walker Guevara.


We create communities of learning that amplify Pulitzer Center journalism through education and outreach programs, connecting teachers, students, artists, influencers, and decision makers with stories that matter. The Engagement team is led by Chief Education and Engagement Officer Flora Pereira.


We ensure that the Pulitzer Center runs seamlessly by overseeing financial, IT, and systems management, cultivating fundraising relationships, championing internal diversity, equity, and inclusion, and fostering a vibrant workplace environment. The Operations team is led by Chief Finance and Operations Officer Mouhamad Alem.

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