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Story Publication logo June 14, 2018

Why Nigeria Has More HIV-Positive Infants Than Anywhere Else


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Tools are now available to prevent and treat HIV infections, but Russia, Nigeria and the U.S. state...

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Screenshot from PBS NewsHour. Aliade, 2018.
Screenshot from PBS NewsHour. Nigeria, 2018.

Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission is considered one of the most basic goals for curtailing the AIDS epidemic, and Nigeria is struggling mightily. In our ongoing series "The End of AIDS: Far From Over," William Brangham and Jason Kane report in collaboration with Jon Cohen of Science Magazine and the Pulitzer Center on why this oil-rich nation is falling so badly behind, and profiles a unique, church-based program that's showing real promise.


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Health Inequities

Health Inequities
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Outbreaks and Epidemics

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