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Story Publication logo June 29, 2021

Under The Shadow Of Coal Mining


An older Indian woman in a pink sari squats next to a large square paper painted with a semi-abstract red, yellow, and black pattern. The corner of a similar painting is visible to the right of the frame.

This project explores the tribal identity crisis in India. The country has the highest number of...

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Geeta Devi is a local Ganju Adivasi woman. She said that the community’s sacred grove situated on a hill is being impacted due to mining. “The grove is almost gone. We worship in the hills where we have our sacred site. Our lands have been taken away. But we do not want to leave the place and go to Barkagaon town.” Image by Deepanwita Gita Niyogi.

Here’s an exclusive photo-feature by Deepanwita Gita Niyogi tracing the lives of Adivasis in Hazaribagh, people who are forced to live under the shadow of coal mining. Protests have fallen on deaf ears, and the shameless plunder of natural resources is scarring the lives of people in the region. 


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Indigenous Rights

Indigenous Rights
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Extractive Industries

Extractive Industries


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Bringing Stories Home

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