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Story Publication logo July 15, 2016

In Post-Chavez Venezuela, Health Care Ails, Food Is Scarce, and Crime Is Everywhere


Nadja Drost and Bruno Federico, Venezuela

With food shortages, collapsing health care, spiraling violence, political chaos and an economy in...

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NewsHour Still
Still from the July 14, 2015 PBS NewsHour broadcast.

Venezuela's hospitals are crumbling and health care system is in shambles. Kidnappers prey on citizens whose families are rich enough to pay ransom and the capital, Caracas, is the world's most murderous city. Food is scarce—and expensive. Falling oil prices have hit Caracas, a major exporter, especially hard. Pulitzer Center grantees Nadja Drost and Bruno Federico report on these problems in this segment for PBS NewsHour.


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