Bruno Federico


Bruno Federico is an Italian filmmaker and cinematographer based in NYC, following a decade in Colombia, where he started making independent documentaries in 2010.

He regularly shoots for the PBS NewsHour and during 2020, he shot two documentaries for Foreign Correspondent, the international documentary strand of the ABC (Australia). His coverage of Colombia’s peace process was recognized with a 2017 Overseas Press Club Award (with Nadja Drost).

He has also shot and directed several documentary films, including “El Gigante” (The Giant) that picked up special mentions at international film festivals, and “Apuntando al Corazón” (Striking the Heart), a critical examination of the Colombian military’s propaganda campaigns.

Currently, he is in production on a documentary film with his partner, Nadja Drost, about FARC rebels making the transition from war to peace in Colombia’s peace process.

He came to filmmaking and journalism after working for many years with trade unions and human rights organizations, and enjoys the opportunities journalism and filmmaking gives him to keep exploring and exposing issues he has long cared about, focusing on social and environmental conflicts.

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