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Pulitzer Center Update September 29, 2021

Emmys Honor Grantees’ Reports on Deadly Migrant Trek

Image by PBS NewsHour. Mexico, 2019.

Where South America squeezes into Central America lies the nexus of one of the most circuitous...

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Pulitzer Center grantees Nadja Drost and Bruno Federico’s coverage of migrants’ journey through the deadly Darien Gap won an Emmy Tuesday night at the 42nd News and Documentary Emmy Awards. Desperate Journey, a series Drost reported and produced for PBS NewsHour with videographer Federico, won in the "Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a Newscast" category.

Drost and Federico’s Pulitzer Center-supported coverage followed one of the longest routes to America through a dangerous, challenging, and jungle-ridden area between Panama and Colombia. Drost and Federico made the trip with a group of migrants from all over the world, some with children.

(See Drost and Federico’s work in the Pulitzer Center series Extra-Continental Migration: The Longest Journey to America, which documents the harrowing and often unpredictable journey from South America to the United States.)

The Emmy is just one of the awards recognizing Drost and Federico’s coverage. They won a Peabody for Desperate Journey. Drost is one of the few freelancers to win the Pulitzer Prize in feature writing, for her California Sunday Magazine piece “When Can We Really Rest?” The article is part of the Extra-Continental Migration series.

They have been nominated for a DIG Award. DIG is a nonprofit association that since 2015 has supported journalism, in particular investigative journalism, in all its forms around the world.


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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees