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Story Publication logo June 18, 2012

Latin America: Mining in Conflict, an Interactive Map

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A battle is being waged in the rainforests of Panama – between those who want to keep their way of...

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Over the last decade the overall number of Canadian mines in development in Latin America has varied between 1,500 and 1,100. Of these close to 85 percent are prospective projects under exploration and development. In any given year there are around 200 mines actually in operation across the continent.

The 84 conflicts we list here are a tally of all social and environmental conflicts involving a Canadian mining project since the late 1990s. Some of these have been settled or the project has been suspended or cancelled.

Click on the locators for more details on these mines.

Research and content for this embedded interactive map is provided by MICLA: McGill Investigative Research on Canadian Mining in Latin America, which maintains it. MICLA is based at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Find out more about MICLA here:

The map is part of a special interactive website for the documentary "The New Conquistadors," both produced by the CBC in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center.





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